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A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap used to restore a tooth with severe decay or damage, preventing it from getting extracted.

With same-day crowns, you’ll skip all the troubles of traditional crowns – without comprising quality!

  • No messy impressions
  • No temporary crowns
  • No waiting days or weeks for your final crown
  • No additional appointments
How is this possible? CEREC technology!

Using modern CAD/CAM imaging, our dentists design, create, and place your custom dental crown during one single visit.

The procedure is quick and comfortable, and your new crown is durable and natural looking.


Discover the advantages of same-day crowns!

  • Digital impressions: Instead of using goopy trays to make an impression, CEREC one-day crown technology uses a special 3D imaging camera and software to design your crown.
  • No temporary crowns: Since it only takes one appointment, there’s no need to wear an uncomfortable temporary crown.
  • Price: Same-day crowns are comparable to traditional crowns in cost. However, you’ll save time and money by only needing one appointment.
  • Convenient: One appointment means less time in the dental chair and away from your family, work, or school.
  • Exceptional aesthetics: Created from porcelain material, your custom CEREC crown will be shaped and colored to blend in naturally with your smile.
  • Dependable: Same-day crowns are very durable, allowing you to chew your favorite foods again without pain or worry. Plus, they last an average of 10 to 15 years with proper care.


Exam and Prep

We’ll examine and prepare your decayed or fractured tooth for digital imaging.

Digital Impressions

We’ll comfortably take digital impressions using 3D imaging cameras and software to start designing your custom crown.

Design the Crown

This is where the magic happens! Using the 3D impressions, this incredible technology will craft your crown right before your eyes.

Smile Proudly

Your Waldorf dentist will polish, adjust, and place your beautiful restoration. You’ll walk out of our office with a permanent crown with exceptional aesthetics.


‘‘I've been a patient of Dr. Silberman for years. He and his staff are always courteous, professional, and pleasant. Dr. Silberman uses the latest technology in his practice and manufactures crowns on site using this fascinating machine in the waiting room. The color match is exact and it saves you lots of time. He takes the time to explain what he's doing or recommending and to answer your questions. I highly recommend Dr. Silberman.’’

Lela, 5-Star Google Review

‘‘Needed a crown replaced that was set by another dentist back when. Out the door in two hours! That included numbing, decay removal, tooth preparation, and the crown itself - no need for a second visit! Latest technology used to make the process faster and, no kidding, better. It feels like an actual tooth instead of a cap. The technical and business crew members are efficient, proficient, and personable. Thanks again, all.’’

Daniel E., 5-Star Google Review

‘‘I just got my crown done with Dr. Barakh. I'm very happy with the result. Since the pandemic, I had my teeth cleaned 3 times. Don't delay your dental cleaning or dental procedures. You will feel relaxed here. I don't go anywhere else. Thank you for your outstanding services, everyone.’’

Teresita W., 5-Star Google Review

‘‘Both a dentist and an endodontist told my wife she couldn't save her molar. Dr. Silberman was able to make her a CEREC crown in one appointment and saved the tooth. He is wonderful with patients, explains everything, and is very reassuring. Can't say enough positive things about him and his staff.’’

Maurice K., 5-Star Google Review

‘‘Dr. Silberman has provided my dental treatment for several years now, which included a root canal, a crown, and fillings - without pain! He and his entire staff are great. They have always delivered 100%++ on their promises in a relaxing, cordial atmosphere.’’

Peggy S., 5-Star Google Review

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  • A comparison between traditional and CEREC crowns
  • The advantages of same-day crowns
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Consult the FAQs below or give us a call at 301-885-2505.
  • What does CEREC stand for?
    CEREC… This text opens a new tab to the CEREC website… stands for:

    • Chairside
    • Economical
    • Restorations
    • Esthetic
    • Ceramic

    CEREC has been around for more than 35 years, and Dr. Silberman was one of the first dentists to offer CEREC crowns in the Waldorf, MD area.

  • Why would I need a dental crown?
    You may need a crown if you have:

    • A broken tooth
    • Severe decay
    • Cosmetic concerns
    • Root canal treatment

    Crowns look and feel just like your natural tooth. The porcelain crowns we offer are often favored because the color and translucence more closely match the appearance of natural teeth.

    If you think you need a crown or want a complimentary second opinion, contact us for an appointment.


  • What’s the difference between CEREC and traditional crowns?
    Traditional crowns: Crowns require manual impressions, multiple visits to the dentist, the placement of a temporary crown after the tooth is prepared, and waiting days or weeks for the lab to make your crown.

    We may recommend traditional crowns under some circumstances, but most times, you’ll be eligible for a CEREC crown – you can even watch it get milled in our office!

    CEREC same-day crowns: Technology perfected over the last 30 years gives dentists tools to prepare and place a permanent crown in a single appointment. A comfortable oral camera provides 3D digital images of the tooth. The images are then used to design your crown digitally. In minutes, a sophisticated milling machine creates your crown from a single piece of porcelain. All of this is done in one appointment!

  • How much do same-day crowns cost?
    The cost of a same-day crown is comparable to a traditional crown.

    However, you may end up saving more money with a CEREC crown because you only need one appointment, thus minimizing driving to and from appointments, taking time off work, paying for childcare, etc.

    Want to find out how much your crown will cost in Waldorf, MD?

    Book a consultation at The Silberman Dental Group!

    During your visit, we’ll give you a cost estimate and discuss payment options, including dental insurance, third-party financing, and our dental savings plan that offers a 15% discount on procedures like this.


  • Are CEREC crowns covered by insurance?
    Most dental insurance plans cover dental crowns when needed for restorative purposes and treat CEREC and traditional crowns equally.

    Don’t have dental insurance?

    Check out our in-house membership plan where you can save 15% on restorative procedures, like same-day crowns!

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