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An appointment at The Silberman Dental Group is more than just going to “the dentist.”

Go to a dentist where many patients write reviews talking about “the best dentist in Waldorf, MD.” Go to a dentist who’s described as sincere, warm, kind, and has a great sense of humor. Go to a dentist who is an award-winning dentist. Go to a dental office where great team morale shows through. You’ve found that dentist with Dr. Paul Silberman and Dr. Daniel Barakh.

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Compassionate, Gentle, and Honest Care - Guaranteed!
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A Rock Star Team Combined With Modern Technologies
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A Patient-First (Dare We Say ‘Obsessed?’) Attitude

When you’re looking for a dentist in Waldorf, MD, we want to be your top choice! Our dentist’s office is a little bit different, and you’re going to love it. Modern technology (like CEREC Same-Day Crowns) makes dentistry more precise and comfortable than ever before. We offer the latest technology and have the experience to give you all of its advantages.

We’re uniquely obsessed with our patients (seriously) by striving to be their primary care dentist. From cosmetic dentistry to dental implants, we love enhancing smiles for all of our patients, from 2 to 102. We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships based on trust.

You’ll love the ways our office is different: the relaxed atmosphere, our empathic natures, the way we listen to our patients and customer service offered, the way we put patients at ease and help alleviate any anxiety they may feel.

We treat you with respect, integrity, and genuine concern, so you’ll never be overdiagnosed, never receive unnecessary dental procedures, and never be rushed through an appointment! You will receive the highest quality care available.

Are you looking for a dentist?

We would LOVE to meet you! Please feel free to call our office at 301-885-2505 and we’ll get you set up.

Not sure what you need?

We’re the masters at answering questions! We invite you to enter our New Patient Center and get the answers for finances, forms, and what to expect at our office.

Afraid of going to the dentist?

We put patients’ fears of going to the dentist to rest. We understand and know how to help. We promise: You will look amazing!

Come in for a free consultation and see how Dr. Silberman and his team of professionals give you something to smile about!


At Silberman Dental Group, we believe in gaining your trust. When you enter our dental office, we’re confident you can:

  • Trust that you’ll receive the highest level of care in the safest environment
  • Trust you’ll be treated with respect
  • Trust us to always give gentle, honest care
  • Trust we will never suggest excessive or undesired treatment
  • Trust in our team, which combines experience in the dental field with modern technologies
  • Trust you will look AMAZING

See if we’re the right fit for you. Schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our Waldorf, MD dentists and meet the smile team.

Dr. Paul Silberman - a dentist in Waldorf, MD - with a child patient and smiling
Trust we can put dental fears to rest

We can and will put any fear of going to the dentist to rest. We understand and know how to help.

Dr. Silberman and his dental assistant looking at the CEREC technology
Trust we'll explain all your options

You have your own specific needs. That's why we will explain all the options available to you and discuss the pros and cons. This ensures your smile is healthy and within your comfort zone.

A dental hygienist laughing with a child patient at The Silberman Dental Group
Trust we listen without judgment

If you have not been to a dentist for a while, all we care about is getting you to optimal oral health. We’re perfectionists in providing you with the finest care while keeping the tone in our office upbeat and fun—you could say it’s contagious.

Dr. Daniel Barakh smiling with digital x-rays behind him at The Silberman Dental Group
Trust in our technology

You will see what we see with the use of intraoral cameras and other technology. We’re one of the few dental practices who offer unique technologies, such as CEREC same-day crowns in Waldorf, MD.

Dr. Paul Silberman, a top dentist in Waldorf, MD


Meet your dentist in Waldorf, MD.

‘‘In my office, we will always act in the best interests of our patients' health, not our financial bottom line. Period. Skilled, compassionate care is our first, second, and third priority.

  • Selected as a “Top Dentist” by Washington Magazine since 2012
  • Former instructor at University of Maryland Dental School
  • Highest priority is building trusting relationships while giving the highest quality of care
The Silberman Dental Group's newest dentist, Dr. Daniel Barakh


Meet The Silberman Dental Group's newest dentist!

‘‘Every patient is a person first and a patient second. I treat every patient like I would my own family because I truly hope to make them feel a part of my small dental family.


‘‘I've been a patient of the Silberman Group since 1983 when the office was located in Clinton, MD. We've literally grown up together and that makes us family. My love and gratitude for Dr. Silberman and his office staff are beyond measure. He combines his knowledge with patience, compassion and genuine concern for each individual. I invite you to come visit with the Silberman Group where everyone is #1. You'll probably never go anywhere else again.’’

C. Taylor, (A Silberman Patient From Clinton, MD)

‘‘I have been seeing Dr. Silberman for over 35 years, that should say enough right there. He explains everything; he is gentle, very little to no pain, great bedside manner, funny, kind, cerebral, and caring. He puts the stereotype about fearing dentists to rest. His staff is a reflection of him. You could not ask more from your dentist or any doctor. Not enough adjectives to describe how superb of a dentist and person he is.’’

Tony P., (A Silberman Patient)

‘‘It was my first visit to Dr. Silberman, the customer service and professionalism that he and his staff exhibit is exceptional. I was greeted warmly by both Sondra and Angel, but it was my dental hygienist, Jeni who blew me away. She was friendly, warm and extremely efficient, all the while chatting me up. She was able to ease my dental fears and explained everything in layman's terms. My experience at this office turned me into a patient for life.’’

Linette A. (Actual Silberman Patient)

Read what people are saying about their dental experience at The Silberman Dental Group.
Headshot of E. Sirkis, a patient of Dr. Silberman

“I do not appreciate any health care more than I do dental care. I have had dental treatment since I was 10 years old and to not have anxiety about pain, discomfort, or exacerbating problems is both a physical and emotional gift to me. I love knowing that my teeth, chewing ability, talking ability, and smile are healthy.

Dr. Silberman’s special brand of dental care includes making sure that the patient is comfortable with a neck pillow and even a blanket if desired. His warm, welcoming presence immediately puts you at ease. He is not only competent but extremely gentle and caring throughout the procedures.

Dr. Silberman chooses dental assistants who add to the feeling of security and comfort as they anticipate not only his needs for instrumentation but the patient’s needs. He is one hell of a dentist, as well as one super Dr. Incredible!”

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Your dentist in Waldorf, MD believes in great health!

  • Dental Hygiene

  • Composite Fillings

  • Inlays & Onlays

  • Sealants

  • Tooth Extractions

  • Crowns after Root Canals

  • Oral Cancer Screenings

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