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How CEREC® Crowns Are Made (In One Appointment!)

Avoid traffic with same-day crowns! A young man in business attire looking frustrated as he sits in traffic

The traffic in Waldorf, MD and surrounding areas is oftentimes a nightmare! We know you have better things to do with your time than sit in traffic.

Now, if you are wondering how this relates to CEREC® crowns, let us explain:

The procedure for getting a dental crown used to take weeks, sometimes even months. It required multiple appointments, a temporary crown, and yes, driving back and forth in Waldorf traffic.

But thanks to modern technology and techniques:

You can restore your smile with a CEREC® crown in ONE visit.

Just imagine all the time and money you will save, and traffic you will avoid, with only one trip to the dentist.

So, how did a procedure go from weeks down to hours?

Find out how CEREC® crowns are made below and keep reading for FAQs about CEREC®.

How CEREC® crowns are made

CEREC® stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.

It is a method that uses CAD/CAM technology to design and create a tooth restoration in one visit.

Before this technology, the traditional way to create a crown was to:

  1. Take a (goopy) impression of your teeth.
  2. Place a temporary crown to wear while you wait for your final restoration.
  3. Have an external lab create your crown, typically taking two weeks.
  4. Return to the dentist to have your permanent crown fitted.

But thankfully, you don’t have to wait anymore. With CEREC®, you can restore your smile in a matter of hours.

Here’s how our dentist in Waldorf makes CEREC® crowns in four easy steps:

  1. Exam and prep: Dr. Silberman will examine and prepare your tooth to create a stable base for your new crown.
  2. Digital impressions: Using a 3D imaging camera, we will quickly take a digital impression (no goopy mess) of your teeth.
  3. Design the crown: From this digital impression, our software will design a custom crown. This data is then sent to our in-house milling machine, which will craft your new crown from a single piece of porcelain within minutes.
  4. Smile proudly: To complete the process, Dr. Silberman will polish and adjust your new crown, so it fits and looks like a natural tooth. Once it’s placed, you will be able to walk out of our office with a new crown and restored smile.

The best part (besides how fast CEREC® crowns are made):

CEREC® crowns look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth. Only you and the Silberman dental team will know you have a dental crown.

Do you need a new crown? Don’t wait another day! Schedule a complimentary consultation with us today.

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FAQs on dental crowns in Waldorf, MD

1. Are CEREC® crowns better than traditional crowns?

Our honest opinion:

CEREC® crowns are better than traditional crowns.

Even though both options can last for the same amount of time and are equally as strong, CEREC® crowns win because:

  • You can get a new crown in one visit – saving you time, money, and traffic.
  • You don’t need to wear a temporary crown, which is often uncomfortable and can fall off.
  • They don’t contain metal, which some traditional crowns do. Metal-filled crowns can change size with temperature and show a gray shadow at your gum line.
  • You can avoid goopy impressions with our digital imaging camera.

To learn more about crowns, download our infographic with more comparisons of CEREC® crowns vs. traditional crowns.

Download it now!

2. Do CEREC® crowns cost more than traditional crowns?

No! In fact:

The cost of CEREC® crowns is comparable to traditional crowns.

Even though CEREC® technology is a financial investment for dentists, you save money by having your procedure done under one roof and during one visit.

3. How long do same-day crowns last?

With proper care, CEREC® crowns last the same amount of time as traditional crowns, most often about 10 to 15 years.

4. Am I a candidate for same-day crowns?

More than likely, you are a good candidate for CEREC® crowns if you have:

  • A broken tooth
  • Severe decay
  • Cosmetic concerns
  • A root canal

Although there are a few instances where we may recommend a traditional crown.

To find out which crown is your best option, schedule an appointment with us today.

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Why patients choose Dr. Silberman for their dental crowns

Dr. Paul Silberman was one of the first dentists to offer CEREC® crowns in the Waldorf, MD area.

He knew that to continue to offer the highest level of care to his patients, he needed to invest in CEREC® technology and training.

We are proud to say that, Dr. Silberman has been offering CEREC® crowns since 2001.

As a perfectionist, our Waldorf dentist is meticulous about making sure your CEREC® crown fits and functions flawlessly, and seamlessly blends in with your natural teeth.

But most importantly, Dr. Silberman has built The Silberman Dental Group on a foundation of trust. Whether it is your first appointment or your 100th, you can:

  • Trust that you’ll receive the highest level of care in the safest environment
  • Trust you’ll be treated with respect
  • Trust us always to give gentle, honest care
  • Trust we will never suggest excessive or undesired treatment
  • Trust in our team, which combines experience in the dental field with modern technologies
  • Trust you will look AMAZING

Save time and avoid traffic with same-day crowns

At The Silberman Dental Group, we are proud to offer the highest level of dentistry with CEREC® crowns.

Instead of having to wait weeks for your new crown, you can now receive a brand new crown in one day.

Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Silberman.

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