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Cerec Crowns are Created in One Visit with No Messy Impressions

MTP_140228_4794ret2As Office Manager, I am often asked about Cerec crowns. Most times patients ask how can we create a porcelain crown in our office while they wait when in the past there was a temporary crown inserted and then you had to return in 2 weeks for the final crown. The answer is simple! Cerec crowns are created with modern technology.The machine helps to give Doc precision! Along with the computer assisted drafting software we have, Doc takes images of the opposing tooth and the tooth which has been prepared. Once the two images correlate the software makes a perfectly shaped tooth just like the natural one you had. The actual milling time is only between 12-24 minutes depending on the size of the tooth. Doc is always willing to show our patients the design process. He takes patients who wish to see it behind the scenes to our in-office dental lab where all the magic happens!

Amber Mabry, Office Manager, The Silberman Dental Group

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