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We Know Many Patients Will Miss Jen Calvi – She Was a Great Team Member!

Hi Y’all!

I moved here three years ago and was fortunate enough to get in The Silberman Dental Group.

I have come to realize I have underestimated the importance of raising children with a village of family around them.  I thought I could be sufficient as a single parent alone but I was wrong. So with some quick decision making and a heavy heart, I have decided to move back to Northern California where we have some family. My children will have a grandma to watch over them after school and my sister’s twins to help with. I have so enjoyed getting to know all of you and help y’all get orally healthy.

I know you will remain in good hands. The Silberman team has been like family to me, and know they will become like family for all of you as well. I want to shout a huge thank you to the team and the patients who have made coming to work every day a delight.

P.S.  Brushing is for the teeth, flossing is for the gums. The gums hold the teeth in, so don’t forget your gum care. ? (I finally got Doc to stock the office with waterpiks for your convenience.)

Jen Calvi, RDH

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