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Read Maria’s Farewell Letter to Her Patients at The Silberman Dental Group

Goodbye, Maria! We will miss you!

Dear Patients of The Silberman Dental Group:

It saddens me to have to write that my time at The Silberman Dental Group will be coming to an end on March 28th, 2019. I started working with the team in this office back in 2012 as a temporary hygienist; which was the first time I met many of you. Later I became a permanent team member in 2013.

I’m excited to share that my husband and I will be moving to sunny San Diego, California which has prompted my unfortunate departure from The Silberman Dental Group. This move has been something I’ve dreamed about for as long as I can remember and it’s finally happening.

Over the past 6-7 years, I have come to really appreciate working with Dr. Silberman and his team. I have gained so much knowledge under the direction of Dr. Silberman, and I will truly miss anyone I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with while working here.

I will especially miss treating such great patients. Many of the patients I have treated are like extended family to me; consequently, I’ve watched your kids grow up. I’ve shared your pain when going through difficult times and I’ve shared your joy during times of celebration.

Before my departure, I did make an effort to try to convince Dr. Silberman to open a practice in California so you all could fly out and see me every six months. However, I guess my argument wasn’t convincing enough, so you have to keep coming to the Waldorf office, LOL! 🙂

If any of you would like to contact me directly to keep up with my journey moving forward, please contact Barbara as I asked her to provide my email address to any patients who want to keep in touch. Thank you for showing me so much love and support in many of my life decisions and rest assured, though I will be gone, you will always be in good hands at The Silberman Dental Group.

Best regards,

Maria Rogers, RDA

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