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Enamel: The Toughest Mineral Substance in the Human Body

The hard, outer layer that protects your teeth against tooth decay is called enamel. And even though tooth enamel is commonly considered to be the toughest mineral substance in the human body — even tougher than bone — it still has some vulnerability.

Beverages such as fruit smoothies and sodas (including diet sodas) contain citric acid, which is tough on your teeth. The quantity and frequency of acid exposure are only two concerns, but a third problem is how long your teeth are subjected to an acidic onslaught. So, follow your sweet drink with a glass of water or by simply rinsing your mouth.

Your teeth break up food very well, but they can easily get damaged if you chew on non-food items, like ice cubes, pens or pencils. So, save your teeth for chewing things that can nourish your body.

If you clench your teeth when you’re feeling stressed, you can fracture your enamel, damage your jaws and alter your tooth alignment. If you do this at night while you sleep, you should protect your enamel with a night guard, which we can provide for you.

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