A Head Cold Can Cause A Toothache? Seriously?

Dr. Silberman, a dentist in Waldorf, MD As we get into cold and flu season, I want to remind patients that a sinus infection can cause a toothache, especially in the upper rear teeth (your upper molars). Patients have come to our office because of a toothache and find it is a sinus infection.

It is important to have the teeth checked to rule out tooth infection. If the sinusitis evolves into a sinus infection, an antibiotic may be prescribed. Please note that the type of antibiotic prescribed for tooth infection is different from the antibiotic prescribed for sinus infection. This is why it is so important to make the correct diagnosis.

An inaccurate diagnosis can lead to unnecessary dental treatment. If you are not shown evidence on an x-ray or with clinical tests which confirm the tooth as the source of pain, consider getting a second opinion before getting a root canal or other dental treatment. An incorrect diagnosis will also delay the treatment for sinus infection and can cause it to become a more serious infection.

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