We invite you to schedule an appointment with The Silberman Dental Group.

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First visits are usually for dental cleaning and exams. They are important to prevent and identify problems.

You’ll love the ways our office is different:

  • A relaxed atmosphere
  • Empathic team and gentle care

We put our patients at ease and help alleviate any anxiety.

Haven’t been to a dentist for a long time? No worries. We give Dentistry Without Judgment!

We are here to get you healthy- not judge your past. We’ll listen attentively and help you get a radiant and healthy smile!

All new patients will receive a FREE gift on their first appointment for a cleaning, x-rays, and exam. So hurry and book your spot today!

After your hygiene treatment you will receive one of the following gifts:

  • Take home Teeth-Whitening Kit
    We make a custom fitted tray for you. That gives you precise application of the whitening gel.

  • Complimentary FluorideTreatment

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  • Improve Your Oral Health Today!

What you can expect:

  • We will review your concerns and health history
  • We’ll clean your teeth to remove plaque, tarter and bacteria which cause decay and gum disease. Even when you brush and floss daily some plaque remains and hardens to become tarter
  • We’ll polish your teeth to remove stains and smooth surfaces
  • We will measure periodontal pockets and will use professional technology to perform other procedures to give you the most thorough exam possible
  • We’ll check for any decay, periodontal disease, cysts, abscesses, oral cancer and other problems
  • We will provide needed x-rays as part of the exam
  • We are happy to go over home care

Neglect of dental conditions can lead to:

  • Infected and painful teeth
  • Tooth Loss
  • Shifting Teeth
  • Receding Gums
  • Loss of Bone
  • Increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, low birth babies
  • and more

Regular exams and professional dental cleaning can prevent smaller issues from becoming bigger and expensive problems.