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Silberman Dental Group Discusses Dental Emergencies

A woman hiding under her blanketsWe know dental emergencies are never convenient nor timely. We see patients in pain same day so that you have immediate diagnosis and can begin to feel better.

Common dental emergencies may include:

• Broken or cracked tooth/teeth
• Permanent tooth that has been knocked out
• Object caught between teeth
• Severe toothache and/or swelling

Sometimes people put off seeing their dentist even when a problem is evident because of dental anxiety. If you’re in pain don’t nurse it with Advil, warm compresses or numbing gels. Come see us for a simple x-ray and an exam. Peace of mind and a professional diagnosis are always more settling than wondering what is wrong or if it might go away. We are very sensitive to dental anxiety. As Stephanie, one of our dental hygienists, said recently,  “You may not always remember exactly what he says, but you’ll never forget how comfortable Dr. Silberman made you feel!”

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