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Can You Tell If Your Front Teeth Have Veneers?

Children are prone to accidents, whether scraped knees, bonked heads, or even broken bones.

It’s almost like a rite of passage.

Well, unfortunately for our patient from Washington, D.C.:

They lost an adult front tooth in a childhood accident.

Over time, the teeth on the side drifted into that missing front tooth space. This caused:

  • Unevenly-sized front teeth
  • Misalignment and spacing issues
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Lowered self-confidence

A patient's smile before veneers on their front teeth

It’d been five years since they saw a dentist, and they were afraid of going. But they were ready to fix their smile.

First, they went to an orthodontist.

But after hearing the patient’s goal:

The orthodontist told them they’d need to dramatically change the size and shape of their front teeth to get the desired result.

To accomplish that, they were referred to The Silberman Dental Group for cosmetic dentistry.

Not only could we offer this patient a solution, but we could also make them feel comfortable in the process.

When booking their appointment, our team assured them that we never judge anyone on their oral health history or their smile’s current condition.

How we fixed this patient’s front teeth with veneers

The first step was a consultation with our Waldorf dentist, Dr. Daniel Barakh.

Together, they discussed the patient’s likes, dislikes, and goals.

Once Dr. Barakh conducted a thorough examination, he recommended four veneers on the top teeth.

Next, they addressed some questions and concerns:

Q: Do veneers look fake?

This patient was worried about the appearance of the end result and didn’t want fake-looking veneers.

That’s why we use mockups and temporary veneers to help envision the outcome. You get to request adjustments and “test drive” your new smile before having permanent veneers placed.

Plus, Dr. Barakh works with a top-tier lab to ensure your veneers look and feel natural.

Q: How long do veneers last?

With a skilled dentist and proper care, veneers can last 10-20+ years on average, depending on the material used.

Q: Do veneers require drilling away all the teeth?

No! Dr. Barakh is highly trained and only removes the necessary amount of tooth, typically just 0.5mm.


Our team went over what to expect, including costs and timeline, so the patient could make an informed and confident decision.

What happened next?

First, we took an impression of the patient’s smile and sent it to our partner lab.

The lab then created a 3D mockup of the patient’s future smile.

The patient and Dr. Barakh sat down, examined the model, and tweaked it to perfection.

This gave the patient complete confidence in moving forward with treatment because they saw exactly what their smile would look like.

This also let Dr. Barakh adjust the model to ensure the veneers only need the minimal amount of tooth structure removed.

How do temporary veneers work?

Dr. Barakh created the temporary veneers based on the new smile model. Doing it this way produces better-fitting temporary veneers, so you don’t have to worry about pain or them falling off.

After that:

He prepared the patient’s teeth by gently removing tiny, precalculated amounts of the surface of their teeth and placing the temporary veneers.

The patient wore the temporary veneers for approximately two weeks while the final veneers were custom-crafted by the lab.

This also gave the patient time to fall in love with their new smile, which only improved with the shine, color, and translucency of the final veneers used.

The end result?

Once the lab completed the veneers, the patient returned to our office for their final appointment.

We removed the temporary veneers and cleaned the surface of their teeth. Then we permanently secured the final veneers in place and tested the patient’s bite and comfort.

Patient's smile after front teeth veneers

The patient was very satisfied with their new smile!

We helped them:

  • Fix a missing front tooth without orthodontics
  • Change the width, length, and shape of their front teeth
  • Whiten their smile
  • Conserve as much tooth structure as possible

And all of this was achieved with only four veneers!

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