Don’t Be Misled About the Need for Childhood Vaccinations and Fluoridated Water!

Melinda Gates
Vaccinating your children is the safest and most effective way to prevent very serious diseases. Unfortunately, there are individuals within the media who are fear-mongering and attention-seeking. They doubt the peer-reviewed facts concerning health, and they ignore well-established evidence.

Dr. Silberman believes that any physician suggesting that you not vaccinate your child should have his or her license to practice revoked. Vaccinations are safe. And even if one is getting fluoride from other sources — such as fluoride toothpaste — fluoridated water is effective in reducing dental decay by at least 25 percent.

Call or e-mail Dr. Silberman if you have any questions that he can help you with regarding the peer-reviewed science supporting the need for childhood vaccinations. Also, he is happy to answer questions with regard to benefits for your child of fluoridated water or fluoride supplements. Dr. Silberman can be reached at (301) 885-2505 or by e-mailing —

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