Do You Fear Dental Procedures? We Have Solutions!

Dr. Silberman, Waldorf, MD Dentist

Patients Feel Calm and Safe with Dr. Silberman

Our team has helped many patients who have dental anxiety. Dentistry has come a long way. Today there is very little, if any, pain associated with procedures performed in a dental office if it is done correctly. Many people have a lot of dental anxiety because they don’t feel in control.

Dr. Silberman has said, “The key to coping with dental anxiety is to discuss your fears with me. Once I know what your fears are, I am better able to work with you to determine the best ways we can make you feel less anxious and more comfortable. You can be certain that we listen in a non-judgmental way. I am committed to working with anyone to help overcome a fear of dental procedures.”

Dr. Silberman uses what he refers to as the “Tell, Show and Do Approach.” “I explain what I will be doing and how I will do it. Then I do that part of the procedure and make sure the patient is doing well. The process repeats, and I work with you through the entire visit to calm fears.”

“Doc” (that’s what our team and many patients call him, and it’s very complementary to his down-to-earth style) has said, “I have found that patients do better when I can talk to them while working. If they are listening to music, I ask them to keep the volume low enough so they can hear me. I still use the Tell, Show and Do Approach, even if they have headphones on.”

Sometimes we schedule a no-cost appointment for the patient to have an orientation visit. The patient gets acquainted with Doc, with other members of our team and with the surroundings. Doc reviews Tell, Show and Do and explains that at any time during the appointment, the patient can signal for a pause in treatment simply by waving their left hand.

He reviews with each person that nitrous oxide is available. He does not offer intravenous (IV) sedation. Doc has found this to be a disservice to the patient most of the time. He explains, “If I am willing to take the time to help our patient overcome fears, she or he is usually receptive to trying to do so without drugs. Once we get past that fear, they have a lifetime of dental treatment that they can look forward to drug-free and without dental anxiety. There is a significant financial and emotional cost associated with oral sedation and IV sedation. My goal, whenever possible, is to save that person from both.”

Another matter to consider is the type of anesthetic used, and the way it is administered. Placing a topical anesthetic before an injection, along with cheek- or lip-wiggling at the site of the injection makes for an almost pain-free process. Many patients do not feel the injection at all.

We use Articaine, which is a stronger anesthetic than what is used in many offices. If you’ve had trouble getting numb before, you almost certainly won’t have that problem anymore. Dr. Silberman has used Articaine since its FDA approval in 2000 and says he will never go back.

The numbness is profound during the procedure. Afterward, that numbness doesn’t last any longer than its counterpart, Lidocaine. Many offices do not use Articaine because it’s more expensive, or they are simply not staying current with advances in the field of dentistry.

After Dr. Silberman administers anesthesia, he makes sure enough time is allowed to be certain the area is fully numb. Some patients take longer than others for anesthesia to work. Dr. Silberman will not hurry the process and will begin once he and the patient are confident that the numbness is complete.

Doc has a wonderful sense of humor, which makes patients feel relaxed. The extensive experience of each member of our team brings comfort to patients.

Dr. Silberman is a gentle man by nature and it shows in many ways. Patients feel calm and safe with him.

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