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Blessings for the Silberman Dental Group Family in 2012

There have been many blessings for the Silberman Dental Group family during 2012.  We had so many happy events and a few challenging, sad ones as well. We enter 2013 filled with gratitude that there have been the graduations to celebrate, engagements, wedding, beautiful babies born and more.  We look forward to 2013 with more adventures and joys to anticipate.

Amber, Office Manager at Silberman Dental Group.Our most challenging experience this year was the illness of a member of our family. Amber, our Office Manager, was quite ill and required surgery in February. It was a very tough time for her and we missed her. We worried a lot about her but feel grateful that she is doing well now!  She makes us laugh time and time again and looks really good and healthy now. She received much support from the many patients who think so much of her.  They were as happy as we were to have her return to the office.

Beau, son of Ali and Dan PetersWe started the year celebrating the birth of Beau on Dec. 7, 2011.  He is the third child born to Ali and Dan Peters. Ali was surprised he came a few weeks early.  He is one big, beautiful boy and one happy baby! He has so much to say and was expressive from an early age. What fun he is! His siblings, Audrey and Jackson, are wonderful to their little brother.Beau with the kids.

Doc and Barbara had the joy of seeing their youngest child, Lauren, graduate from college in May. Doc always refers to her as “my girl” and was really sentimental during their family weekend celebrating at Macalester College.  Barbara thinks Lauren was the most beautiful graduate, the most lovely person and the brightest of all others at Macalester’s graduation! 🙂 She may be a little biased. Doc and Barbara are very proud of Lauren and of Joel.
Lauren graduating from college

Savannah Grace, daughter of Stephanie and Jerell
We then had TWO births to celebrate within ten days! Stephanie and Jerell welcomed their daughter, Savannah Grace, into their lives on June 19th. She is an absolute joy and full of personality!  We think she is gorgeous! Savannah has quite the smile and it is such fun to hear her laugh out loud!  By the time she was 2 weeks old Barbara was telling Stephanie that Savannah should be ready for chocolate! Every girl needs some chocolate once in awhile.Savannah Grace, daughter of Stephanie and Jerell

Nichole and Derek welcomed their second child, Brady Allan
Nichole and Derek welcomed their second child, Brady Allan on June 29th.  Nichole describes him as “Mommy’s bundle of joy”. He smiles and laughs a lot. He is a very happy boy and precious.  Big Sister Ava, age 5, acts very “motherly” towards her baby brother in the way she picks him up and speaks to him.Brady Allan and his big sister Ava

A closeup of Sondra in her bridal gownWe went on to celebrate the engagement of Sondra and Kevin in June.  Their wedding was November 10th and they enjoyed an outside ceremony on a fabulous fall day. The bride was magnificent!  The wedding was beautiful and joyful!  Amber was in the wedding party and each of us had a really great time. When you come to our office, ask Sondra to show you pictures as she keeps an album of pictures on her desk.Sondra and Kevin at their wedding.

As we enter 2013 we know there will be more life cycle events to share.  How fortunate we are to celebrate our lives together and to support each other during challenging times.  We look forward to times yet to come and adventures to experience.

Our entire dental family sends New Year’s wishes for joy to all of our patients.  We hope you have many happy times, many adventures, and good health in the new year.  It is a pleasure to think of the many patients who have become friends and whom we always look forward to seeing.  May it be a year of many blessings!

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